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That face… those eyes… that personality! Silly Sadie is a sweetheart of a dog who has quickly become a volunteer favorite. This portly little mama loves people and soaks up affection from everyone she meets! She has been on quite a few outings with staff and volunteers, and has taken it all in stride – new sights and sounds (including a visit to a radio station!), meeting new people, and even greeting small, polite dogs.

Sadie has also gone home for overnight visits with volunteers, who report that she rides calmly in a car, seems housetrained, sleeps through the night, and is not a barker. She’s a happy, mellow 5-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix looking for a person or family who will appreciate a trusty sidekick with some major cuddling skills!

Since she is more interested in people than dogs, Sadie will thrive in a home that does not force her to be dog social. She has had many positive experiences with small dogs here at the Shelter and on outings, but can be wary of larger dogs as they make her nervous. Sadie does not go out of her way to start trouble – she doesn’t bark and lunge – but she will tell a dog to back off if it is too invasive. 

Because Sadie is a somewhat snub-nosed dog, she does not tolerate extreme heat and can tire easily; she is best suited for a mellow home (at least not a super athletic home looking for a running partner). Sadie’s ideal family will provide her with leisurely strolls that allow her to savor the many smells of her surroundings before parking it on the couch for movie night. Sadie really hopes that her new home is looking for a cuddle bug, because this 48-lb girl thinks she’s a lap dog! She’ll even roll over for belly rubs and offer little pig-like grunts of joy.

If you’re ready to bring more cuddling and laughter into your life, meet Sadie and let her wiggle her way into your heart!

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