Pet of the Week



Cory (A220323)

Cory has been at the shelter since early October and is ready to be in a calm and permanent home. While he is doing okay at the shelter, he can be timid with strangers and uncertain about new sounds and smells. Once he settles in, he enjoys gentle petting and will rub against you when you’re on the floor with him. He can be playful and frisky once he warms up to you, and is curious about other cats and his surroundings. Cory will need adopters who are experienced cat owners and can be patient with him while he adjusts. We expect that he will become more confident and will perk up once he’s in a settled home environment. Cory has become a volunteer favorite and is responding well to clicker training. See Cory's video on the website.

Cory is a neutered male, gray & white tabby, approximately 1 year, 10 months old.


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