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Daniel's Photo

Sweet, Sensitive Daniel

Looking for a sensitive sweetheart who is eager for affection and also knows how to play and have a good time? Meet Daniel! This six-month-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) arrived at the Shelter bashful and under-socialized, the result of an accidental litter that had not been exposed to anything outside of their home. Fortunately for him, the Shelter has given Daniel the opportunity to hone his skills and boost his confidence in preparation for his forever home.

For example, volunteers are teaching Daniel how to walk on a leash (something he had not previously been exposed to), and he is improving daily! He is also learning how to read and give social cues with other dogs. He regularly participates in the Shelter’s small dog play groups, where he can be seen enjoying a wild game of chase with his buddies, such as his kennelmate Hash Brown (another young Chi mix available for adoption), or seeking out a lap for cuddle time with one of the volunteers. 

Daniel is a happy little guy (about 10 lb) who loves the company of others – whether it’s dogs or humans – so it’s important that his forever home include him as a member of the family in their daily activities. Daniel would probably do well with a canine companion, although he may be just fine as your one and only, as long as he gets lots of attention, including physical affection – which he LOVES.

While he can be shy when it comes to new people and new experiences, Daniel is also very trusting of people he knows, and responds well to calm and gentle encouragement. This incredibly loyal sweetheart would do well in just about any home – as long as his new family continues to introduce Daniel to new things and experiences in a positive light. If you are interested in training (always a great way to bond with your new pooch), Daniel would be more than happy to learn new skills – especially if he were rewarded with treats! He will, in turn, reward you with a lifetime of sweet adoration and loyalty.

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