Pet of the Week



CANDY - ID#A196465

Candy is a great example how much fun a chihuahua can be and one of the many reasons we’re launching the Chihuahua Project this week! Chihuahuas abound at our shelter, and many other shelters and rescues, and we want to promote their good nature and ability to be great family members. We also encourage spaying and neutering these little ones and offer a low-cost service to our community through our Planned Pethood program.

Our Pet of the Week Candy is the life of the party! Pleasant and outgoing, she’s been a great addition to the shelter’s small dog playgroups. At approximately 2 years old, she’s loves to run and play with the other dogs, wagging her tail all the time and enticing others to come and play with her. Candy loves people more than toys and wants to be included in the family activities. Her propensity to run and frolic will mean that adopters will need to be conscientious about keeping her on leash when out and about. She’s a great candidate for someone who wants a willing student to train and work with.

Candy will also enjoy some quiet time with her favorite people and just wants to be included. She loves her soft bed and will snuggle up for naps. She did very well with the kids from the summer critter camp and we feel she would do well in a family with kids as long as they are calm and gentle with her. She has been a little reticent with some men so a home that offers patience and understanding will be rewarded with a loyal and fun companion.  

Be Small Minded – Adopt A Chihuahua! Come join us for the launch at Odonata Winery on July 23rd.

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