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OPIE* - ID#A225882

See Video of Opie below:

Opie is looking for a fun-loving, active friend to share great adventures and a love of life. Opie has adjusted well to his shelter life but has been here too long. He’d love to have a home of his own and friends to play with. He’s entertaining to watch as he gets all wound up over his toys and does zoomies around the room when he’s happy. Opie does well with dogs of all sizes and is the star of the shelter small dog playgroups. On overnights with volunteers, Opie did great on long walks, being a good follower and looking to his person for direction. After a good hike, he still had plenty of energy to entertain himself with toys. He was content to sleep overnight in a crate with no complaints and was a good houseguest. Opie can be intimidated in chaotic or unfamiliar situations, but his curious nature helps him overcome his shyness and he will warm up quickly.

We think Opie would be great with an active person who is interested in learning more about dog training and sports. Opie is energetic, quick to pick up on cues, food motivated, and wants to please. He would do best with someone who can 'give him a job' and put his brain and body to work. Training and working with him will bring out his best nature.

Opie is a neutered male, black Schipperke and Chihuahua mix, approx.. 2 years old.

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