Dog License Fees

ALTERED DOG FEES (must provide proof of spay/neuter)
One year license $29
Senior Citizen (65+) $29 (subsequent renewal $0)
Potenially Dangerous/Vicious Dog $200
Late Penalty $15
Late Penalty for dog licenses for dogs designated Potentially Dangerous, Vicious, Habitual or Public Nuisance.  $100
Ad $1 for mail-in or walk-in processing $1
One year license $100 with Unaltered Animal Certificate
Senior Citizen (65+) $100 (subsequent renewal $71)
Potentially Dangerous/Vicious Dog $200
Late Penalty $15
Unaltered Animal Certificate** $350 (one-time fee as long as owner remains at address)
Ad $1 for mail-in or walk-in processing $1
**Unaltered Animal Certificates (UAC) are required in addition to the license for any unaltered dog 6 months or older. To obtain a UAC, the dog must have a current license and a letter from a licensed vet on his or her letterhead stating that the vet has examined the dog within the past year and the owner is following the preventive health care program outlined for the animal. The cost of this REQUIRED certificate is $350. All new certificates require a facility check by a Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter animal control officer. An annual health care statement is required to keep the certificate current.
Exemption from Unaltered Animal Certificate $15 + license fee (requires documentation from your veterinarian)
***An affidavit must be signed swearing to the validity of the applicant's need for such a Service Dog. Term of the tag is for the life of dog or as long as dog is owned and in service to the person to whom the dog is licensed. Current rabies information must be provided when the dog is revaccinated.
REPLACEMENT LICENSE TAG FEE $5 (valid through the expiration date of the tag being replaced)
FAILURE TO LICENSE PENALTY $30 if impounded. This fee is per dog.