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CALLING ALL CAT LOVERS: Learn from experts and be inspired by the ingenuity of ten Santa Cruz County cat owners providing unique CATIOS, outdoor enclosures for their cats!

We hope to see you this year at the 2017 Catio Tour Events (Pre-event Evening October 5 and Catio Tour October 7) , hosted by Native Animal Rescue and Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter!


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What do bird-lovers and cat-lovers have in common? We all want what’s best for the animals we love. Lucky for us there's a unique solution that keeps cats and birds safe at the same time, and many of our neighbors are using it.

In April 2016, the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz County teamed up to produce Santa Cruz County's first annual self-guided Catio Tour. 

You may ask, “What’s a catio?” Good question! Add the word “cat” to the word “patio,” and you get “catio.” A catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats; a place where cats can enjoy the outdoors and still be safe from predators. And just as important, wild birds can be safe from cats.

The purpose of the first Santa Cruz County Catio Tour was to educate the community about this highly successful way of protecting cats from predators and birds from cats. The catios on display run the gamut from small window boxes to large freestanding enclosures where cats and their owners can enjoy each other. We look forward to doing it again next year!

Eleven local catio owners from Boulder Creek to Watsonville exhibited their catios.

Previous Catio Evening - April 7, 2016

An informational evening sponsored by Native Animal Rescue and the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter with support from the Santa Cruz Bird Club.

• Tai Moses, author of “Zooburbia

• Rebecca Dmytryk, president and CEO of Wildlife Emergency Services

Previous Catio Tour - April 9, 2016

A self-guided tour of unique catios all around Santa Cruz County, ranging from Watsonville to Boulder Creek and many points between!